Ellsworth Systems, LLC (ESI) is a fully licensed security system company that specializes in design, installation and support of access control and security system products.  ESI has an established relationship with leading security system vendors to provide products and services that are designed to meet the specific needs of our customers.  ESI is a certified alarm, access control and monitoring provider for most major brands.  Our security vendor partners include Verint, Costar, Honeywell, Sony, Pacom, DMP, Bosch and many others.  ESI specializes in designing and installing security solutions for retail and financial institutions which require electronic protection at the highest and most sophisticated levels.  ESI can apply this knowledge and experience to any security systems project.     

Our Process 

ESI performs an evaluation of our customers security requirements and will design a reliable cost-effective security solution.  A qualified ESI security professional is assigned to the project and works directly with the customer to ensure the installation meets our quality standards and the customer’s needs.  Once installed, ESI offers an on-going support and maintenance program that is tailored to meet our customers desired service levels and budget requirements.   

Our Security Products and Services  

Access Control Systems: Systems that are designed and installed to electronically control and monitor physical access to specified areas within your building.

Video Systems: Camera and recorder solutions that monitor and provide a digital recording of events. We install and maintain the right surveillance system for your business.       

Service and Maintenance Agreements: Designing and installing the right security system is the first phase of our process. We have service and maintenance solutions available that ensure your investment in access control and security is protected and continuously functions at optimal levels.  

Monitoring: Our monitoring services include a full staff of monitoring professionals that operate 24/7 in Syracuse NY, with a full redundant center in California to ensure 100% service all the time.